Ask Yourself, 2014
Ask Yourself is a multidisciplinary art intervention of sensitisation; sensitisation, as a catalyst for positive change. The art posed as a game that provided the public the opportunity on many levels, to have a think, and a rethink on our individual contribution to this society where we belong. How do we behave? And how do we affect things and other people by this way that we behave? What can we individually do to improve things? This is aimed at collective societal positive transformation. When we are able to look inwards to ourselves first, then chances are that we may want start growing ideas and methods for constructive change towards achieving an admirable society. So far, Ask Yourself has worked actively with up to 400 people as collaborators, assistants, volunteers and participants, whereas up to 351 people actively participated as collaborating audience. As communication agents, a book will be made to document audience voices. The scrapbooks allow for continued sensitisation and participation; the informative paintings are colourful to look at, and the entertaining film will continue to screen. Sensitising ourselves as we move on, let us continue to go forward rightly, asking ourselves. We can make impact!
Amarachi Okafor by ORIE STUDIO