Abreast with Expectations, Responsibilities and Shame
This piece was realised as part of my UNESCO funded research on foreign prostitution in Norway, in 2007. It is an installation of fabric envelopes made from used and worn out clothing collected from women in Norway. The envelopes have been stamped with foreign stamps from all over the world, outside Nigeria. They are addressed to my family and close friends in Nigeria, and are ready to be posted to Nigeria. The making of these envelopes from these distressed clothes and the preparation towards dispatch by this Nigerian female abroad is reminiscent of the way friends and family at home expect one to send things home when you are abroad. Some of the time it does not seem to matter if you make these things you are sending home out of your blood or skin (blood money – prostitution). How many people consciously or subconsciously live their lives according to what is expected them rather than the moral thing to do?
Amarachi Okafor by ORIE STUDIO